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Ponteix, Saskatchewan

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Henri Liboiron - A lifetime of Discovery

Henri's record of the Niska Site
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Many artifacts have not yet been recorded.
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Henri showed his sense of humor by creating both male and female effigys.
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Map of Auvergne
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Information on dating methods
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Henri making pemmican
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The Plesiosaur find near Pontiex
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Turtle effigy by Henri
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Medicine wheel effigy created by Mr. Liboiron.
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This was Henri Liboiron's house in Ponteix, where the Notukeu Heritage Museum started.
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Henri Liboiron's float in the Ponteix 75th Anniversary parade
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Two Tipi miniatures
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Henri working at Niska
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A pot found by Henri Liboiron
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Bob's reaction to his find was immediate.
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Henri was dedicated to finding all he could about material native to the Ponteix area.
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