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Henri Liboiron - A lifetime of Discovery

(Mr. Chabot)  What is your recollection of Mr. Liboiron's presence within the community?
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(Mr. Chabot) Describe how Mr. Liboiron felt about his work.
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(Mr. Chabot) Why did Mr. Liboiron begin studying archaeology?
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More memories from Mr. Chabot
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Guy Roberge remembers Henri.
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(Mr. Roberge) What was Mr. Liboiron's most exciting discovery?
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More memories from Mr. Roberge
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Bob's reaction to his find was immediate.
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Leo tells us how Henri was invaluable to the children who visited the museum.
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Leo tells us how he remembers Henri as the wanderer.
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Henri was constantly studying, as witnessed by Leo Legault.
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