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A Tough Pill to Swallow
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The Hospital Chaplain Service
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The Sundre General Hospital after one year of operation
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The Sundre General Hospital started a ''Rooming in Service'' for newborns.
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Photo of a mock disaster.  The Mock Disaster Program started in 1970 and has continued to this day.
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The E.C.S. learning experience is a unique program for helping a child overcome their natural fears
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Hospital celebrates the 10th anniversary. Photo of Operating Room.
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Hospital celebrates 10th anniversary. Photo of Nurse's Station.
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The Hospital Ladies Auxilary provided a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in 1979
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Pictured here is Dr. Corley with a new ''Sigmoidoscope'' purchased by the Hospital Auxiliary.
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Showing off the new 'wheels'.  Two new Wheelchairs bought by the Hospital Auxiliary
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Faster service comes to patients.  The ambulance of the Emergency Medical Services Society.
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View showing the new extension wing.
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The pediatric crib ward
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The new bath area  is more convenient and enjoyable for pediatric patients.
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An extra out patient examination and treatment room was also added in the renovation.
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Respiratory therapy room
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Rehabilitation Gym
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Whirlpool Treatment Room.  The whirlpool relieves many aches and pains of hospital paitents.
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