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Peterborough, Ontario

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The Life & Times of Dr. Hutchison In the Backwoods of Upper Canada
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Dr. Martin noted in Dr. Hutchison's Patient Ledgers
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Early drawing of Peterborough
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Tinted sketch of Early Peterborough
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Sketch of Peterborough  made with Camera Lucida by Captain Basil Hall, Tinted
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Dr. Hutchison's student card
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Dr.  Hutchison's student card
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Dr. Hutchison's Library Card for the University of Glasgow
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Dr. Hutchison's Admit to a lecture on Surgery by Robert  Allan
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Indenture Agreement for Dr. Hutchison to Dr. Corkindale
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Copy of Graduation Certificate for Dr. Hutchison from the University of Glasgow
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Dr. Hutchison's certificate to practice surgery in Upper Canada
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Dr. Hutchison as surgeon to the 2nd Regiment of Northumberland Militia
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Surgeon's Certificate for Dr. Hutchison
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Dr. Hutchison's notes on midwifery from his Birth Registry
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Dr. Hutchison's Notes on Chemistry from his Birth Registry
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The first page of  Dr. Hutchison's Birth Registry showing the move from New York to Port Hope
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Characiture of Dr. James Corkindale  (on left) and Dr. Robert Cleghorn (on right)
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Etching of Glasgow University
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