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The Life & Times of Dr. Hutchison In the Backwoods of Upper Canada
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Undated letter  by Susanna Moodie to Mrs Vickers
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Moodie entry in Dr. Hutchison's Patient Ledger
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Susanna Moodie
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Title Page from Life in the Clearings by Susanna Moodie
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Page  from Sir Sandford Fleming's Diary
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Sandford Fleming's sketch of the 2nd mate from the ship the 'Brilliant'
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Deck of the Ship the 'Brilliant' by Sandford Fleming
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Sandford  Fleming in the field on survey
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Sketch of his wife Anne Jean  Hall by Sandford Fleming
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Sketch of the Peterborough Court House by Sandford Fleming
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Sir Sandford Fleming, Chancellor of Queen's University
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Sandford Fleming and the driving of the Last Spike
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Sandford Fleming at the Royal Canadian Institute Meeting  pitching Standard Time
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Letter from Andrew Fleming to John Hutchison July 31st 1845
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Letter written from Sandford Fleming to John Hutchison  August 20th, 1945
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1846 Map of Peterborough done by Sandford Fleming
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Sketch of Bridget O'Donnel and her Children, from the London Illustrated News
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A copy of the ticket that brought Sandford, David  and Harry Fleming to Upper Canada
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