Hutchison House Museum
Peterborough, Ontario

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The Life & Times of Dr. Hutchison In the Backwoods of Upper Canada
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Sketch of what Hutchison House looked like in 1837
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Hutchison House Museum
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First Board Members of the Hutchison House Management Committee
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Shoes hanging in the rafters found during the restoration
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Unveiling the Hearth fireplace and excavating the basement floor
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Top found in restoration of Hutchison House
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Restoration of the East Bedroom at Hutchison House Museum
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Edwardian staircase present at the beginning of the restoration process
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Shades of four different staircases that were present in the life of the house.
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Invitation to the Opening of Hutchison House Museum
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Restoration Campaign Flyer for Hutchison House Museum
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Unveiling of the Hutchison House Historic Plaque
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Historic Plaque in honour of Hutchison House Museum
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The crowd waiting admintance to the Opening Day celebration at Hutchison House Museum
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View from the museum of the crowd waiting to explore Hutchison House on Opening Day
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Decendents of Dr. John Hutchison at Hutchison House
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Sign for Hutchison House Museum
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The Keeping Room of Hutchison House Museum
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