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Catching Cod in Bonne Esperance; From the Cod Trap to the Cod Moratorium
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William H. Whiteley with grand-daughter, Margret,.
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Grand-daughters standing beside salt- bulk fish.
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Piles of dry cod,covered to protect from the rain.
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Whiteley crew standing on the wharf.
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Whiteley crew about to mend  cod trap.
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Taking a break after spreading cod out to dry.
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Whiteley family on vrhanda of Whiteley home (Bonne Island).
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Sailboat (crew hauling cod trap).
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Crew picking up dried cod.
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Displaying the size of a cod fish.
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Stacking and salting cod.
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Forking cod into split house.
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Kitchen photo ( Home of Hollis Fequet , Old Fort Island).
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Cleaning cod fish (Old Fort Island)
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Back from pulling the cod trap.
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Cleaning cod fish on stage head
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Spreading cod fish out to dry on spruce branches.
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Going to sell their dryed cod (Middle Bay)
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