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Catching Cod in Bonne Esperance; From the Cod Trap to the Cod Moratorium

Cod fish drying on wooden flakes.
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Cod fish on stage head waiting to be processed.
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In route to fishing grounds to set the cod trap,
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Fresh cod on stage head waiting to be processed.
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Photo of cod trap in the water.
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Piles of dry cod,covered to protect from the rain.
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Taking a break after spreading cod out to dry.
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Bundles of dry- cod,covered to protect from rain.
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Hauling a cod trap.
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Displaying the size of a cod fish.
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A fresh catch of cod.
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Stacking and salting cod.
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Jigging for cod.
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Forking cod into split house.
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Transferring cod from the split house to the stage.
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Salt bulk of cod in stage.
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Cod drying in sun.
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Illustration of cleaning cod on stage head.
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