Hiscock House Provincial Historic Site
Trinity, Newfoundland and Labrador

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The Hiscock House: The Tale of an Entrepreneurial Woman
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The first floor of the Hiscock House
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The second floor of the Hiscock House
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These two floor plans show how the house has changed over the years
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Another floor plan which shows more changes to the interior of the house.
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Envelope in which a sympathy letter was sent to Captain George Hiscock regarding his son's drowning
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Letter of sympathy to Captain George Hiscock regarding his son, Richard Hiscock's, drowning
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Richard Hiscock's baptism record
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Richard Hiscock's burial record
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Newspaper clipping from the Evening Telegram reporting on the drowning of Richard Hiscock
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Emma's baptism record
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Emma Hiscock's burial record
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Emma Hiscock's Obituary
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Court record of a theft in Trinity
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Obituary of William Hiscock
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Tribute to Mary Elizabeth Kelson Hiscock
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Florence Hiscock's birth certificate
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Tribute to Florence G. Hiscock
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Florence Gertrude Hiscock's last Will and Testament
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