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Winterton, Newfoundland and Labrador

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Traditional Boat Building of Winterton

The government wharf and community stage.
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Unloading fish from a punt
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Punts,trap skiffs, speed boats and a long liner at the Winterton government wharf.
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Boys sculling a punt
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Marcus French crossing the harbour in a rodney he built.
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Built by Wilson, Hubert, and Charlie Reid, this completed trap skiff awaits an engine.
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Trap skiff hauling the cod trap
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A new trap skiff built for fisherman Tom Brinson.
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Fishermen and boatbuilders Reuben Reid and Herbert Harnum
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Fisherman and boatbuilder, Lionel Piercey
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Fisherman and boatbuilder, Fred P. Hiscock
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Boatbuilder, Chesley Gregory
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Goats were sometimes used to help pull out firewood or boat timber pieces
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Wilson Reid (left) and his brother Hubert (right) at Reid's saw mill
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Marcus French, a boatbuilder and fisherman, in his store with his partly completed rodney.
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Three-piece mould used to build a 16' rodney (punt)
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Punt and motorboats tied up at the wharf
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Installing battens on the hull of a 32 foot trap skiff at Reid's Mill.
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