Winterton Boat Building Museum
Winterton, Newfoundland and Labrador

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Traditional Boat Building of Winterton

A visitor gets her photo taken with a large codfish
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A woman and child walk between two rows of flakes on Parrott's hill.
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16th century fishermen off Newfoundland
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Unloading fish from a punt
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Trap skiff hauling the cod trap
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E.J. Green's fish plant and wharf
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Uncle Roland Hiscock and his son Eliol hauling in the trawl and removing cod from the hooks.
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Harold Harnum (left) and Tom Brinson (right) are gutting their catch of cod on the waterfront.
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Hauling the cod trap from a motorboat
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Hauling the cod trap
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Boatbuilder, John Reid and son Charlie
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Fishermen and boatbuilders Reuben Reid and Herbert Harnum
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Fisherman and boatbuilder, Lionel Piercey
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Wilson Reid (left) and his brother Hubert (right) at Reid's saw mill
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Boats under construction outside
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Using three-piece moulds to mark timber pieces for shaping
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Smoothing timbers
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Backbone assembly
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