Winterton Boat Building Museum
Winterton, Newfoundland and Labrador

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Traditional Boat Building of Winterton

George Gregory of Scilly Cove (Winterton), with two codfish, quite large by today's standards.
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The Gaia, sailing into L'Anse aux meadows in 1991.
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16th century fishermen off Newfoundland
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Winterton fishermen on Baccalieu Island
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Unloading fish from a punt
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Boys sculling a punt
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Marcus French crossing the harbour in a rodney he built.
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Alfred Green cleaning turrs (sea birds), he shot from his bay punt.
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Trap skiff hauling the cod trap
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A new trap skiff built for fisherman Tom Brinson.
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Boat resembling a Baccalieu skiff
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Building schooners
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Schooner under construction
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Uncle Alb Brown of Winterton with the schooner model he built.
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E.J. Green's fish plant and wharf
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Dried and salted codfish is being transported, possibly to the local merchant's plant.
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Uncle Roland Hiscock and his son Eliol hauling in the trawl and removing cod from the hooks.
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Harold Harnum (left) and Tom Brinson (right) are gutting their catch of cod on the waterfront.
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