Farmers' Bank of Rustico
Hunter River, Prince Edward Island

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Restoration of the Doucet House - Phase 1
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These are the children of Peter Doucet and Marie Gallant.
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Idealized picture of Germain Doucet
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Passing Gallant's Clover Farm on Route 6
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Edouard Blanchard, local historian, in front  of the summer kitchen of the Doucet House.
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A view from inside the house.
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Local carpenters hew the pine logs which gives them an authentic appearance.
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A view of the shelter barn.
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The building of the sandstone fireplace.
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The sandstone fireplace protrudes from the roof of the house approximately 3 feet.
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A view from inside the Farmers' Bank located adjacent to the Doucet House.
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The foreman (Selwyn Buote) building the well house.  Note the outhouse to the far left.
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Small picture found in the walls of the Doucet House.
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Edouard Blanchard, local historian, speaks about the Doucet House.
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