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The Joy of Effort - A History of Physical Activity

Male physical education class performing exercises at the University of Pennsylvania.
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Almonte High School Girl's Basketball Team.
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Senior Girl's Basketball Team
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Lanark County Champions. Almonte High Schools' Senior Girl's Basketball team.
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Pyramid building demonstration. A long standing tradition at the Almonte High School Commencement.
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Croquet game played at the Young Farm in Blakeney, just outside Almonte.
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More crocquet action at the Young Farm.
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Twin sisters Shariffa and Natalie play croquet on the Camelon farm, formerly the Young Farm.
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Kate Young paddles her canoe on the Mississippi River.
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The Young sisters paddle the boat up the Mississippi to Church.
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Kate Young expertly guides her canoe along the Mississippi River in Almonte.
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Twin sisters Shariffa and Natalie canoe on the Mississippi River just below the mouth of the Indian.
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Ladies cool off in the Mississippi River, below Pakenham, c.1920.
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Teams from the Almonte Ladies Ball Hockey League face off at the Almonte Arena.
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