Mill of Kintail Conservation Area
Lanark, Ontario

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The Joy of Effort - A History of Physical Activity

Dr. James Naismith and Dr. R.Tait McKenzie at the Mill of Kintail.
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Massage in 'Reclaiming the Maimed'
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Dr. James Naismith and R. Tait McKenzie deep in conversation in front of the Mill of Kintail.
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The Young Farm. James Naismith was raised here by his Uncle Peter, after the death of his parents.
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Naismith plays football.
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Basketball's birthplace
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Art Horton, back up goaltender and Claude Fraser spare.
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Danny LaRoque, junior pulled up to act as spare and Ed McKenny the 'import' from Carp.
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Twin sisters Shariffa and Natalie play croquet on the Camelon farm, formerly the Young Farm.
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Canoeing on the Mississippi River just below mouth of the Indian River.
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The Young sisters paddle the boat up the Mississippi to Church.
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A couple of sharp shooters pose with their awards and their rifles at the Young Farm.
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Two young lads out for a hunt on their snowshoes.
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