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The Joy of Effort - A History of Physical Activity

'The Joy of Effort', a bronzed plaster by R. Tait McKenzie.
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'The Joy of Effort', a bronzed plaster by R. Tait McKenzie.
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Competitors for the Wicksteed Medals, McGill University.
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Members of R. Tait McKenzie's gymnastic classes at McGill Univerisity.
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Male physical education class performing a human pyramid at the University of Pennsylvania.
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R.Tait McKenzie's wedding day
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R.T. McKenzie's 'Reclaiming The Maimed'
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Track and field medallion by R.Tait McKenzie
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'Three Punters' by R.Tait McKenzie
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'The Shield of Athletes' by R. Tait McKenzie
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McGill University Rugby Team 1887 to 1888
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Photo of the Presbyterian College Journal staff
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The 1908 Kansas University Basketball team. Courtesy of the Kansas University Archives.
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Dr. James Naismith poses with the Canadian National Basketball team in Berlin.
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Naismith's basketball champions
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Newspaper montage of the Town of Almonte
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The Almonte Cricket Club. Winners of the 1925 Ottawa Valley Cricket League Championship.
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The Almonte Lawn Bowling Clubhouse. Formerly the Almonte Cricket Clubhouse.
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