Mill of Kintail Conservation Area
Lanark, Ontario

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The Joy of Effort - A History of Physical Activity

Dr. James Naismith and Dr. R.Tait McKenzie at the Mill of Kintail.
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R.Tait McKenzie stands in the studio window of his newly renovated 'Mill of Kintail' in Almonte.
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R. Tait McKenzie paddles his birch bark canoe on the mill pond above the 'Mill of Kintail'.
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The Young Farm. James Naismith was raised here by his Uncle Peter, after the death of his parents.
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The 'Duck on a Rock' rock
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The original site of the Almonte Community Centre
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The Gemmil House. Now the site of the Almonte Community Centre.
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A sports venue in Almonte
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Des Delaney takes a turn throwing a bowl.
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John L. Sullivan before his last race in 1951.
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Three legged race at the Junior farmers picnic at McCullough's landing on Mississippi Lake.
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Mr. and Mrs. Young host a croquet at the Young farm.
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More crocquet action at the Young Farm.
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Twin sisters Shariffa and Natalie play croquet on the Camelon farm, formerly the Young Farm.
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G.A. Clarke stops for a break in front of the Young Farmhouse.
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R.Tait McKenzie paddles his birch bark canoe on the mill pond formed by the Indian River.
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Running back Matt Rice adds a few more yards to his impressive season numbers.
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