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Lanark, Ontario

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The Joy of Effort - A History of Physical Activity

Portrait of R. Tait McKenzie
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R.T. McKenzie's 'Reclaiming The Maimed'
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R.Tait McKenzie stands in the studio window of his newly renovated 'Mill of Kintail' in Almonte.
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R. Tait McKenzie paddles his birch bark canoe on the mill pond above the 'Mill of Kintail'.
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Dr. James Naismith and R. Tait McKenzie deep in conversation in front of the Mill of Kintail.
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Dr. James Naismith poses with a basketball and two peach baskets.
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Dr. James Naismith holding a basketball.
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Bennie's Corners Baseball Team.
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The nucleus of the great Union Hall 'Tiger' Baseball teams. Starting on the warpath, 1915.
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The Bennie's Corner baseball team practicing.
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John L. Sullivan before his last race in 1951.
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Almonte Tennis Club
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Croquet game played at the Young Farm in Blakeney, just outside Almonte.
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Milton Lindsay takes a break from a leisurely bicycle ride to pose for a picture.
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A group of swimmers take time out to pose.
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Ladies cool off in the Mississippi River, below Pakenham, c.1920.
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A couple of sharp shooters pose with their awards and their rifles at the Young Farm.
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Two young lads out for a hunt on their snowshoes.
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