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Brent's Grist Mill - The Building of a Mill and a Community
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Brent's Mill historical site map as prepared by O.B. Padden
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Mill site legal description
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Diagram of the north elevation of the grist mill building
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Sketch of mill by John Gervers showing north elevation of the mill building
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Advertisement in the Vernon News
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Brent's Grist Mill and Homestead Heritage Park concept plan
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Front elevation of Brent's grist mill
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Drawing of the Okanagan Mission Valley landscape
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Newspaper article - Calmels and Chapuis stable
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Land purchase records for Frederick Brent
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Land records for Frederick Brent property
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Map of land divisions and property owners
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Capital News article
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Daily Courier "Digging up the past"
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Daily Courier "New life for old mill"
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Kelowna Capital News "Heritage Society might restore historic house"
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Program for unveiling of cairn
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