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Brent's Grist Mill - The Building of a Mill and a Community

Brent's grist mill (left) and house (right) during ownership by the Gervers family
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The Postill Ranch
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Upright timbers and vertical timbers, mortise and tenon joint
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Hockey game on Bankhead Pond
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The Postill Ranch on Duck Lake
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The Postill Ranch on Duck Lake, looking east towards the hills
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A young boy standing in the entrance of Frederick Brent's grist mill
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Side view of Brent's mill
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View of a thresher pulled by two paint horses at the Brent/Gervers farm
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View of Brent's Mill
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Brent Mills Family Flour stamp (right) and Frederick Brent's personal stamp (left)
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Cloverdale Ranch owned by George Whelan
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A.B. Knox Ranch.  House, barn and young fruit trees.
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Calf roping at the Postill Ranch
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Guisachan Ranch
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Laying gas pipeline through John Gervers' property
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Close-up of Brent's mill historical site
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Brent's Mill historical site
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