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A Century of Life By Water

A View of the Packinghouse and Wharf in Peachland
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Peachland Fruit Union
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Fruit Packinghouse in downtown Peachland
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Peachland Fruit Union Packing House of 1923
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The AG Garlinge Packinghouse Crew
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Walter's Ltd. Packinghouse, downtown Peachland
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Construction Crew Carrying Metal Flume Sections
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Flume Construction Crew resting from hard labour in a difficult terrain
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Catwalk up to Trepanier Creek Dam
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Ductile Iron Pipe from screenhouse above Venner Court on the upper Trepanier Creek in 1979
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Settling basin Trepanier water system
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Catwalk along Trepanier Creek Up To The Hydroelectric Dam
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Spillway at Trepanier Reservoir Dam
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The Log Pond beside the Trautmann-Garraway Sawmill
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The remains of the burned out mill with the Gangsaw still rising up in the center
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Greata Ranch Bungalows about 1955
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