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Restoration of Lester-Garland House
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The Taverner, Lester, Garland, Ryan Plantation at Trinity, NL. Now a Provincial Historic Site
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The Lester-Garland House of 1819-20, reconstructed in 1996 - 1997.
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Portrait of Benjamin Lester
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Amy Lester and her husband George Garland.
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John Bingley Garland and his brother George Garland Jr.
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Abandoned House and Shop.
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Margaurite Ryan. Owned by Ryan Brothers Ltd.
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Gerd, owned by Ryan Brothers Ltd. at the Salt Wharf, Trinity, Newfoundland.
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Looking at the South end of the Lester-Garland House from Green's (Nemec's) garden.
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Lester-Garland House and Garland Shop
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The beginning of the end of Lester-Garland House
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The end of Lester-Garland House
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The north wall of Lester-Garland House
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The Ruins. The rear portion of the roof of Lester-Garland House has collapsed.
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The Ruins. A part of the back wall of Lester-Garland House.
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The Ruins. Exterior of the South Wall, note the frames surrounding the bricked-up windows.
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Ruins - Interior of front entrance showing the main stairs and the interior north wall.
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Ruins - The interior north wall showing the two fireplaces.
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