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Restoration of Lester-Garland House

Portrait of Benjamin Lester
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John Bingley Garland and his brother George Garland Jr.
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The “Penny Farthing Bicycle Ride”
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Making the excavation safe
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Archaeology in the corner of the Living Room.
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The interior foundation of the Lester-Garland House excavation
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Archaeology. The 'safe' portion of the south wall.
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Archaeologist and conservators in consultaion
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Charles Hett, a conservator from Ottawa.
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Brian Arthur, conservator from Ottawa, cleaning the brick hearth.
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Brian C. Arthur, placing epoxy and sawdust on the bricks that are face down on the mould.
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Charles Hett at the Hearth.
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Restoring the south wall foundation
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Placing the foundation stones
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Restoring the hearth
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Restoration of the Brick Hearth. Charles Hett, conservator, infilling the surface of the hearth.
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Restoration of the Brick Hearth. Infilling sections of the hearth. Charles Hett, conservator.
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The first or second day of the Reconstruction/Restoration, September 30 or October 1,1996.
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