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Gold Bridge, British Columbia

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Bralorne-Pioneer: Their Past Lives Here

Mrs. Noel holding first gold brick from Lorne Mine in 1916.
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Maternity ward name card from Bralorne Hospital nursery
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Scouts at Flag ceremony in Boultbee Memorial Church, 1945.
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Notice from bank of Montreal building re the closing of the bank at September 15, 1971.
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One of three views of a lowbed trailer hauling a cat causing the collapse of South Fork Bridge.
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South Fork Bridge rededication
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Marshall's Ferry taking automobile the length of Seton Lake to off load at Mission Mountain.
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1935 railway gas flat car
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Advertisement for houses and property for sale by Marmot Enterprises in 1972.
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Advertisement for properties for sale in Bralorne.
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Pamphlet design for Marmot Enterprises.
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The powerhouse on the Cadwallader Creek
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