Bralorne Pioneer Museum
Gold Bridge, British Columbia

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Bralorne-Pioneer: Their Past Lives Here

The Arrastra on the Noel Property five decades after its last use
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The Old Arrastra on the Noel Property above Bralorne Townsite 1
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Assayer removing cupels and trays from fire furnace.
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Cupels and trays with handles on display in Bralorne Pioneer Museum, Assay Lab display.
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George Thomson, Assayer in Bralorne Mines pouring molten samples into trays for further processing.
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Fire Assay Mitts used in Assay lab for removal of trays from fire furnace.
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Molten gold crucible
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Side element in fire assay furnace.
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Doreen Bitner at switchboard used until 1971.
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Ore car at the Bralorne Pioneer Museum
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Bralorne Mine hoist elevator
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Mucking Machine, used to transfer ore to ore car.
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Mucking machine loader
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Bralorne Mine ultra violet machine
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Amalgamation Tank in Mill.
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Two miners underground, using stoper and inspecting rock wall.
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One of three B.C. Telephone Company switchboards in use in Bralorne from 1938 to 1971.
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The Cookhouse bakery 1938.
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