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Carmacks, Yukon Territory

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Carmacks, Yukon: A Northern Tutchone Homeland

LSCFN Elder Agnes Charlie in traditional dress, carrying birchbark baby packer
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Frederich Schwatka (Detail from The Illustrated London News c. 1860).
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George W. Carmack
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Shaaw Tla, a.k.a Kate Carmack.
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Carmacks man beside passenger stage of White Pass & Yukon Route
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Father Jean Paul Tanguay inside Catholic Church
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Father Jean Paul Tanguay
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Joe O'Brien at trapping camp
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LSCFN Elder Roddy Blackjack inspects a gravesite
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Chief Jim Boss (Kashxoot) of the Ta'an Kwachn people
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LSCFN Elder George Billy
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Elder Councillor Billy Peter Johnnie signing the LSCFN Final Agreement
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Chief Eddie Skookum signs the LSCFN Final Agreement
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Elder Lizzie Hall translates into Northern Tutchone at an LSCFN Self Governance session
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Cody Mitchell competes in the Mad Trapper contest at Carmacks Winterlude
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Shawn Charlie using an atlatl (spear thrower) and an LSCFN cultre camp
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David Skookum
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