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The Arm Lads Brigade

The ALB on the march.
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ALB on parade.
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Future young  ALB members.
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ALB on the march.
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ALB members and band.
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Young members of the ALB.
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Arm Lads on parade Main Street Twillingate.
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Sea Cadets on parade led by the Arm Lads Brigade.
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Parade led by the Arm Lads Brigade with nurses and civilians.
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Community organizations in a parade led by the Arm Lads Brigade.
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Girl Guides in a parade led by the Arm Lads Brigade.
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The Arm Lads Brigade on parade with the guides.
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Notre Dame Bay Memorial Hospital 25th Anniversary ceremony.
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Two ALB members stand guard.
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Ceremony at the Courthouse.
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Arm Lads Brigade group photo.
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