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Henri Liboiron - A lifetime of Discovery

Henri's record of the Niska Site
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Many artifacts have not yet been recorded.
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Henri showed his sense of humor by creating both male and female effigys.
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Flintknapping tools
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Some of points made by Mr. Liboiron look quite authentic.
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Hafted maul made by Henri
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Information on dating methods
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Shown here is the tipi set up by Henri, and his nephew, Guy Roberge.
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Henri making pemmican
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The Plesiosaur find near Pontiex
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Henri's bows and arrows
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Rock painting pigments
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Turtle effigy by Henri
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An newspaper article that interviewed Mr. Liboiron at the time of the plesiosaur's discovery.
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Certificate of Appreciation from the Saskatoon Archaeological Society
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Saskatchewan Archaelogy Society certificate
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A bone needle threaded with sinew which Henri received from Buffalo Narrows Saskatchewan.
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A collection of hammerheads, found by Mr. Liboiron in the Ponteix area.
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