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Henri Liboiron - A lifetime of Discovery

The materials Henri used to increase his knowledge of First Nations' work with pigments and paints.
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Henri's pottery
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Documenting the location of artifacts
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Map of Auvergne
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Shown here is the tipi set up by Henri, and his nephew, Guy Roberge.
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Rock painting pigments
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Shown here are the various tools that Mr. Liboiron used in his pottery experiments.
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Archaeological measuring device
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Medicine wheel effigy created by Mr. Liboiron.
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Display of Atlantls
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Model of Bison Run
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Leo tells us how Henri was invaluable to the children who visited the museum.
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Leo tells us how he remembers Henri as the wanderer.
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All sizes of trowels were used by Mr. Liboiron.
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Henri's pocket tools
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Another object which was always in Henri's pocket.
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The artifacts found by Mr. Liboiron are quite varied.  Their age can be determined by careful study.
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These are more points discovered by Henri.
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