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Henri Liboiron - A lifetime of Discovery

Map of Auvergne
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Shown here is the tipi set up by Henri, and his nephew, Guy Roberge.
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Henri making pemmican
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The Plesiosaur find near Pontiex
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Native artifacts
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Scale Mr. Liboiron used to weigh each artifact he found.
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Saskatchewan Archaelogy Society certificate
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An article on the Niska Site by Henri Liboiron, published in Plains Anthropologist Journal in 1990.
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Henri Liboiron at Niska
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A photo of Henri cooking his clay pots over an open flame.
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These are some of Henri's tools that he used to excavate arrowheads and fossils.
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Henri working at Niska
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A pot found by Henri Liboiron
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Bob's reaction to his find was immediate.
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All sizes of trowels were used by Mr. Liboiron.
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This was used by Henri to measure the size of his findings.
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Henri used this handmade pointed tool to clean the artifacts he found.
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Henri's pocket tools
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