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Ponteix, Saskatchewan

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Henri Liboiron - A lifetime of Discovery

The materials Henri used to increase his knowledge of First Nations' work with pigments and paints.
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Rock painting pigments
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Henri documented his experiments and methods.
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The pigments Mr. Liboiron used are now displayed in the museum.
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Turtles seemed to be one of Henri's favorite subjects.
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Mr. Liboiron made notes of everything that happened during his experiments.
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Some of the experiements lasted months.
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Mr. Liboiron was meticulous in trying all methods.
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The artifacts found by Mr. Liboiron are quite varied.  Their age can be determined by careful study.
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Henri found his material in the earth around Ponteix.
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Different material produced nearly the same shade of pigments used for painting.
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Different locations produced different pigments.
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Mr. Liboiron used a plethora of material.
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Even batteries provided material for Henri's experiments.
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Even after decades in the museum, the material Mr. Liboiron used to experiment is still vibrant.
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Henri was careful not to incur the wrath of his sisters by creating non gender faces.
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The paint on this effigy is somewhat faded, but is still clear.
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What better way to discover the mysteries of pigments than in Henri's own words.
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