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The Sinking of the Valencia: The Tragedy and Beyond

The wreck of the S.S. Valencia at Cape Beale
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The wreck of the S.S. Valencia
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The catastrophe of the Valencia and some of the events
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The crew of the SS Valencia
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How people lived when they first arrived at Clo-oose
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At the head of Nitinat Lake near where the Logan home is now
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The L & H comes ashore on Stanley Beach
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School photo
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School photo
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Group of school children
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Gathering on beach. Possibly a later school photo
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Landing a line from the Salander
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Ada Logan on Clo-oose beach with her children
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Landing supplies
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A landing of freight on Clo-oose beach
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Landing freight on the coast off Clo-oose
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Clo-oose Beach
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About the suspension bridge on the West Coast Trail
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