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The Trail Blazers and the Cavalcades: Proving the Need for the David Thompson Highway
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Trail Blazers camp at Whitegoat Creek
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Art Bott with his son Fred up on the ridge at the Cavalcade campground circa 1965
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The ridge that everyone hiked up to at Two O'Clock Creek
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Sing song at night at the Cavalcade, July 31, 1971
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Camping at the Cavalcade July 31, to August 2, 1971
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Kraut Korner (von Hollen's campsite) at the 1971 Cavalcade
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Time for a baseball game
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Waiting for the first cup of coffee
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Arnold Spoor brings more wood for the fire
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Breakfast time for Sharon Cole (nee Bott), Tracy Troutmann, Randy Glover
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Randy Glover, Art Bott's grandson enjoying a piece of toast
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Dick and Irene Howard, with daughter Georgia, and her friend Tammie Justinen
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Friends come over.  Art Fisher holding Georgia Howard, and Vince Vansco on the right.
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Cavalcade of 1971, with Kraut Korner (von Hollen's) in the center of photo
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Cavalcade of 1971
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The gang at Art and Myrtle Bott's campsite
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Tipis (teepees) at the 1971 Cavalcade
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Lloyd, Dave and Bill Glover, the mountain climbers
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