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The Trail Blazers and the Cavalcades: Proving the Need for the David Thompson Highway
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Preparing to head out
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The North Saskatchewan River and train trestle with ferry cable support tower
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Ernie Ross
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Road work underway near Horburg in 1939
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An unimproved road near Rocky Mountain House
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Dave Edwards facing camera, holding microphone
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Sighting the elevation at an unknown river in the West Country
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Ernie  Ross receives a plaque from the Ford Motor Company
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Mayor Jack Edgerton shaking Ernie Ross' hand prior to a parade
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Art Bott with his son Fred up on the ridge at the Cavalcade campground circa 1965
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Dave Glover, Eve Glover (nee Bott), Fred Bott, Myrtle and son Keith, Sharon Cole (nee Bott) Art Bott
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Art Bott and friends entertaining at the Cavalcade campground
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Singer on the Cavalcade stage
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Stoney (Big Horn) First Nations dancers at the Cavalcade
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Nurse Velma Daye, Helen Hunley, Art Bott, Myrtle Bott
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Neva Brierley holding the mirror so that Art Fisher can shave
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Marvin Peterson and his Guerrini accordion
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Bob Ross, Lilla (Mrs. Ernie) Ross, Mary Ross, Josie Fitzgerald (nee Ross)
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