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The Trail Blazers and the Cavalcades: Proving the Need for the David Thompson Highway

Henry Stelfox standing on the area of the Kootenay Plains that is now underwater (Lake Abraham)
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Mayor Jack Edgerton shaking Ernie Ross' hand prior to a parade
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Art Bott with his son Fred up on the ridge at the Cavalcade campground circa 1965
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Dave Glover, Eve Glover (nee Bott), Fred Bott, Myrtle and son Keith, Sharon Cole (nee Bott) Art Bott
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Stoney (Big Horn) First Nations dancers at the Cavalcade
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Dick and Irene Howard, with daughter Georgia, and her friend Tammie Justinen
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Friends come over.  Art Fisher holding Georgia Howard, and Vince Vansco on the right.
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Mayor Helen Hunley at the podium for the Dedication of Mt. Ernest Ross
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Dedication of Mount Ernest Ross
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Bob Ross (center) flanked by sisters Josephine and Mary, with Mom Lilla Ross on the right
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The crowd gathered for the dedication ceremony to name Mt. Ernest Ross
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A. J. Hooke, M.L.A. reads from Ernest Ross' biography
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Bob Ross, Lilla (Mrs. Ernie) Ross, Mary Ross, Josie Fitzgerald (nee Ross)
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Lloyd, Dave and Bill Glover, the mountain climbers
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David Thompson Highway
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Pennants from various Cavalcades
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