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The Trail Blazers and the Cavalcades: Proving the Need for the David Thompson Highway

Whirlpool Point
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The cairn builders campsite at Whirlpool Point
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A beautiful day to work on the cairn
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Hauling the water up from the river
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The cairn is halfway completed.  Pictured from left are W. Duhamel, W. Graham, J. Edgerton, unknown
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Company came on Sunday for dinner.  Some came to help also.
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Bill Graham takes care of the extra sand
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Mary and Bob Ross stayed for supper
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Jack & Angie Edgerton, Hazel Chambers, Julia & Bill Duhamel, with Bill & Pat Graham at the rear
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Erosion control in front of the Trail Blazers cairn
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Pat Graham and Angie Edgerton cleaning up the wheelbarrow
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The finished cairn that recognizes the Trail Blazers' accomplishments
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Hazel Chambers and "Snowball"
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Bill and Pat Graham ready to leave camp at Whirlpool Point
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Cameron Kirby speaks at the dedication ceremony for the Trail Blazers' cairn.  Right: Hazel Chambers
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Reveal of the Trail Blazers' cairn. Betty Ross, Betty Nigro (Brett), Hazel Chambers, Rev. Cunningham
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The cairn for The Original Trail Blazers
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Statue of David Thompson at the Rocky Museum and Visitor Information Centre
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