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The Trail Blazers and the Cavalcades: Proving the Need for the David Thompson Highway

The Trail Blazers ready to leave Rocky Mountain House in 1941
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E.S. Brett, W. Ellenburgh, C. Bruce, W. Schierholtz, S. Hooker, W. Fisher, Mr. Shaw, Ernie Ross.
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Preparing to head out
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The Trail Blazers crossing the North Saskatchewan River on the ferry.  Bill Fisher sitting in truck.
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Trail Blazers on the road to Nordegg
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An unimproved road near Rocky Mountain House
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The Trail Blazers reach the Reed's Highway Service Garage at Nordegg, Alberta
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Not quite ready to go
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The way is clear and someone's going back to drive the other car
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The Trail Blazers taking a break
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Using their muscles and physics to clear the way
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At camp
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Calculating the best place to ford the Whitegoat River, known now as the Cline River
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On the Kootenay Plains
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Winching the Chevrolet sedan up past Whirlpool Point
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The Siffleur River at the top of the falls, on the Kootenay Plains
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"We made it!"
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"It's going to be tricky here."
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