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The Trail Blazers and the Cavalcades: Proving the Need for the David Thompson Highway

The Trail Blazers crossing the North Saskatchewan River on the ferry.  Bill Fisher sitting in truck.
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Susner Valley fire, 1933, near Nordegg, Alberta
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Trail Blazers on the road to Nordegg
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An unimproved road near Rocky Mountain House
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On the Kootenay Plains
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The Upper Kootenay Plains with Whirlpool Ridge on the left, Sheep Ridge on the right
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Whirlpool Point on the North Saskatchwan River
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The Kootenay Plains
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A Sundance Lodge, on the Kootenay Plains
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Dave Edwards and Stan Hooker
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Trail widening
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Dave Glover, Eve Glover (nee Bott), Fred Bott, Myrtle and son Keith, Sharon Cole (nee Bott) Art Bott
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Art Bott backing up his jeep
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Art Bott wearing his tri-corner hat and vest
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Art Bott and friends entertaining at the Cavalcade campground
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Singer on the Cavalcade stage
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Arnold Spoor brings more wood for the fire
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Breakfast time for Sharon Cole (nee Bott), Tracy Troutmann, Randy Glover
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