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The Last Beluga Fisherman

Nautical chart, Department of Marine and Fisheries Canada
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Poles making up the beluga fishing "rond" or "raccroc" (curved line)
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Men with beluga catch
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Fishermen with their horses in the river's icy waters
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Men at high tide hauling in the belugas caught in the poles
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Two of Émile Lizotte's harpoons (left) and spontoons used to kill belugas
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Men killing belugas caught inside the poles
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Émile Lizotte killing a beluga with a spontoon
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House on the point, where the employees lived
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Lantern and oil can
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Postcard of a successful beluga catch
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Men using high tide to retrieve the belugas that were caught
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Horse hauling beluga carcass ashore
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Boy hauling a recently captured beluga ashore
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Beluga tail, pierced and with a cable attached, to anchor it to the "menoires"
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Beluga fishery employees stripping a mammal of its blubber
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Workers start cutting up belugas, even before all are on the beach
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Carving up a beluga using knives and iron hooks
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