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The Last Beluga Fisherman

Émile Lizotte and his wife, Camille Dionne, on their wedding day
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Men looking at belugas stripped of their skin and blubber
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Gaff head
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Beam similar to the one used by Émile Lizotte to separate blubber from skin
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Oil lamps
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Leather strop for sharpening razors
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On the right, a 100-gallon barrel, like those used to store beluga oil
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Wool wound into a ball using part of a beluga vertebra
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Beluga cemetery, skulls from the extraordinary catch of 1929
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Beluga cemetery and cross at Pointe de la Rivière Ouelle
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Detailed image of two beluga vertebrae
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Letter addressed to Joseph Lizotte from L. Garnier, a priest at the Rivière-au-Tonnerre mission
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Man hunting beluga with a gun, possibly for the $15-per-tail premium
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Bombing a pod of belugas
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Article from Le Soleil, 39th year, Issue 37: "La chasse aux marsouins" [the porpoise hunt]
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Joseph Lizotte and Dr. Vadim-D. Vladikov beside a 3.5-metre-long female beluga
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Dr. Vadim-D.Vladykov and Émile Lizotte beside a 3.22-metre-long male beluga
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"Nos ancêtres à l'oeuvre à la Rivière-Ouelle," written by Madame Elphège Croff
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