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The Life & Times of Dr. Hutchison In the Backwoods of Upper Canada

Watercolour by Susanna Moodie
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Sandford Fleming's sketch of the 2nd mate from the ship the 'Brilliant'
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Deck of the Ship the 'Brilliant' by Sandford Fleming
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Sketch of his wife Anne Jean  Hall by Sandford Fleming
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Sketch of the Peterborough Court House by Sandford Fleming
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Sketch of Bridget O'Donnel and her Children, from the London Illustrated News
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From Julian's Landing, Stoney Lake, Peterborough by Rev. Vincent Clementi
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Emigrants leave Ireland by Henry Doyle
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Irish Potato Famine, Skibbereen, by Cork artist James Mahony (1810-1879)
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Elizabeth Harvey
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Government House Peterborough
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Sketch of St. Johns Church in Peterborough, by Miss Faulkner
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Interior of John's House by Anne Langton
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Sketch of Peterborough from White's Tavern, by Anne Langton
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Sketch of Peterborough, by Caddy
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Blythe Mills near Peterboro,  by Anne Langton
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On the Otonobee near Peterboro, by Anne Langton
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Sketch of Peterboro from the West, by Anne Langton
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