Structures Contemporary with the House

At this time we are not aware of any existing structures that would be contemporary with the Doucet House on Prince Edward Island. However, we visited Le/The Village Historique Acadien near Caraquet, New Brunswick where we saw many examples of Acadian homes representing a period of more than one hundred years from 1770 to 1889. The houses with similar features to the Doucet House are: the Mazerolle House; the Martin House; the Robichaud House; the Doucet Farm and the Cyr House.


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Doucet House Management Committee:
Bob Doucette - Chairman
Judy MacDonald - Co-chair
Édouard Blanchard - Treasurer
Peggy Arsenault - ACOA
Rejeanne Arsenault - Société de développement de la Baie Acadienne
Ken Ezeard
Doug Heaney - Parks Canada
Carter Jeffery - Design Consultant
Shane MacDougall - Central Development Corp.
Maurice Roy - Parks Canada
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Friends of the Farmers' Bank of Rustico Inc.:
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Francis Blanchard - Vice President
Edouard Blanchard - Secretary/Treasurer
Margaret Blacquiere
Margo Ezeard
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Francis Gallant
Theresa Gallant
Arnold Smith

Doucet House Committee:
Bob Doucette - Chairman
Jim Strew - Secretary
Art Buote
Edouard Blanchard
Francis Blanchard
Linda Doucette-Peters
Ronnie Doucette
George Gallant
Doug Heaney - Parks Canada
Judy MacDonald
Michelle Pineau
Maurice Roy
Arnold Smith

Doucet House Construction Workers:
Selwyn Buote - Foreman
Darcy Doucette
Carl Gallant
Matthew Gallant
Darren MacLennan
Parker Perry
Roger Poirier

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Community Memories Project contributors:
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