In 1967 as part of various centennial projects in the area, it was decided to honour Bailey and David Adrianís log house for future generations. Their home was located on Combermere Road approximately where the post office and Inn Town Restaurant are currently located.

The building was disassembled log-by-log and reassembled on a hill just behind where the old Wendish Methodist Church had been for over 100 years. The church had been demolished in the early 1960ís. The Boehme family gave the property to the Township of Radcliffe (now Madawaska Valley) for this structure to be erected. At first the building was a local museum named 'Adrain Museum'. That didnít last very long. Many of the local craft women wanted a place to display their handicrafts and sell them to visitors during the summer months. The building is now named 'Combermere Cabin Gallery of Crafts'. Proceeds from the business go to local charitable groups as per the agreement with the Boehme family.

It is a very popular tourist attraction and the crafters volunteer their time to sell their products.


Building Cabin Craft shop, Combermere
Highway 62