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Peace River, Alberta

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Peace River, 1780-1914: From Athabasca to the Last Great West

"Peace River Salutes You".
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A First Nations family in northern Alberta.
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Deer leg bone flesher tool.
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A First Nations family camped near Peace River Crossing.
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Visitors at a First Nations camp site near Peace River Crossing.
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A family of Dunne-za (Beaver Indians) at Peace River Crossing.
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The interior of a First Nations cabin in northern Alberta.
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First Nation teepees at the St. Augustine Mission on the Shaftesbury Trail.
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Duncan Testawich (Tustawits).
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A fireplace at Fort Fork.
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A line drawing of Fort Fork.
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The Fort Fork cairn which commemorates the crossing of North America by Alexander Mackenzie in 1793.
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A ferry crossing the Peace River near the site of Fort Fork .
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The Fort Fork Archaeological Site.
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Artifacts recovered the Fort Fork archaeological site.
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A tin lantern from the Fort Fork archaeological site.
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A fallen fireplace on the site of Fort Fork.
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The Reconstruction of the Fort Fork Chimney on the Grounds of the Peace River Centennial Museum.
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