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Peace River, 1780-1914: From Athabasca to the Last Great West

The telegraph office at Peace River Crossing.
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The first medical institution in Peace River Crossing, the Irene Cottage Hospital.
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Bear hunters on the Peace River near Peace River Crossing.
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A Barge on the Peace River.
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A view of Peace River Crossing at night time.
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A view of Peace River Crossing as seen from the east hill.
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A family residence at Peace River Crossing.
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Pat Wesley.
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Peace River Crossing.
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Peace River Crossing.
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Peace River Crossing south of the Heart River.
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Peace River Crossing.
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A 'tug of war' at Peace River Crossing.
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An advertisement for the Peace River Trading and Land Company Limited.
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The Peace River Trading & Land Co. Store (the Diamond 'P') on Main Street in Peace River Crossing.
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The first Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce at Peace River Crossing.
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A family of new settlers camped near Peace River Crossing.
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Mundy's Pocket Guide to the Peace River County and the Far North.
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