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Red Lake, Ontario

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Memories of Red Lake: Why We Came, Why We Stayed

Signature of an early prospector at Red Lake
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The first prospectors to find gold in Red Lake, found it under the roots of this upturned tree.
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Prospectors discover gold at Red Lake.
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The gold rush triggers a rush of journalists to Red Lake.
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George Jones makes his way to Red Lake. He travelled by dog sled.
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Prospectors' shelter at Red Lake
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Prospectors trenching the Howey claims in Red Lake.
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Pictured here is the Dome crew on Howey claims in Red Lake.
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Miner Bill Husack stands near the hoist room at the McKenzie Island Mine.
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Shown here is one of the first underground crews at the Dickenson Mine.
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10 million ounces of gold in Balmertown
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A Red Lake mining pioneer
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The Campbell Mine in Balmertown
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Pilots flock to the gold rush.
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The first Fokker airplane to fly in Canada
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Norseman flies into Red Lake.
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The first commercial passenger flight to Red Lake
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The largest early transportation companies in Canada
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