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Red Lake, Ontario

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Memories of Red Lake: Why We Came, Why We Stayed

Red Lake's first official airport
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The 70th Anniversary of Red Lake's first air delivery
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Aviation history at Norseman Heritage Park
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The Heritage waterway during the gold rush
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In 1948, this was downtown Red Lake. With seven gold mines in production, the town was booming.
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An early road sign at Red Lake
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A fishing champion at Trout Lake
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Fishing guides at Red Lake
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Red Lake's first medical team
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The first day of school in Red Lake
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Students at Red Lake's school
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A miner at McKenzie Island's mine
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A snow machine on McKenzie Island
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Time out on McKenzie Island
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Jean Husack (Volkart) enjoys some free time with her puppy.
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Signs of winter on McKenzie Island
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Bill and Jean (Volkart) Husack on their wedding day in Finntown.
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Bill and Jean (Volkart) Husack pose with their wedding party in Finntown.
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