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Stoney Creek, Ontario

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Virtual Battlefield: The Museum and Its Community

A ledger account of a workman's wages during the construction of the Battlefield Monument.
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A record of payment from the construction of the Battlefield Monument in 1913.
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The official brochure for the Queen's Royal Tour.
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Stoney Creek's seal for the Official Royal Visit.
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Plaque erected by the Archaeological and Historic Sites Board of Ontario.
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A plaque dedicated to the contributions of Colonel Harvey during the Battle of Stoney Creek.
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Postcard highlighting the three historic sites associated with the Battle of Stoney Creek.
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Commemorative plaque presented by the American Legion in 1972.
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The base of the Battlefield Monument in 1910, during construction.
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View of the front of the Battlefield Monument.
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The cover of a commemorative booklet 'The Story of Battlefield House at Stoney Creek'.
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The Battlefield Monument, present day.
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In 1993, an extensive restoration of the Monument was undertaken.
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The official reopening of the Battlefield Monument led by Lieutenant Governor Hal Jackman.
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The opening of the monument in Battlefield Park on June 6, 1913.
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Cow grazing on the side of the hill below the Battlefield Monument.
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Front foyer of the Nash Jackson house.
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Anna Catherine Munn Nash, wife of Samuel Nash Jr.
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