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Virtual Battlefield: The Museum and Its Community

Samuel Nash Jr.
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Leone Nash Jackson as a child
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Leone Nash Jackson on her wedding day, standing on the front stairs in her family home.
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Catherine Macdonald on her wedding day
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The Nash Jackson House, ready to be moved from its original location to Battlefield Park.
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The Nash Jackson House at its original location.
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Joseph Williamson Nash, father of Leone Nash Jackson, on his wedding day.
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A skull uncovered during the archaeological excavation of the Battlefield Cemetery at Smith's Knoll.
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The remains unearthed at Smith's Knoll were reinterred during a ceremony.
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The stone cairn, built from local stone, at Smith's Knoll, prior to the addition of the lion statue.
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The unveiling of the Lion's Monument at Smith's Knoll on August 1, 1910.
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A reenactor portraying a Royal Newfoundland Regiment solider guarding a gate.
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A postcard of Battlefield House Museum at the turn of the 20th century.
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Volunteer Carol Taylor serves Houseguard member Rick Peterson a drink in the Keeping Room.
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The corner stone of the Battlefield Monument was laid on May 26, 1910.
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A young girl and her creative efforts at the Museum's Gingerbread House Workshop.
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Junior Volunteers at Battlefield House Museum.
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A volunteer spinning at Battlefield House Museum.
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