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Parry Sound Centennial Time Capsule Digital Scrapbook

The question the whole town was asking: What would you put in the Time Capsule?
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The committee invited the public to fill their capsules with anything they'd like.
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Ray Pavlove took inspiration from other Time Capsule projects
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An ad placed in the local newspaper inviting people to join the project
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Ray and his students at William Beatty partnered with The West Parry Sound District Museum
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Ray's motion to Town Council
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Everyone got involved in selling modules
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The Canadian Anniversaries Program contributed $4,070 to the Time Capsule project
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Ernie Eves congratulates the committee
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The Committee sought help from all levels of government
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The possibilities were endless, fitting it all into the modules was the challenge
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It wasn't just stuff, people were encourage to put lists, ideas, and pictures in their modules
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Once they purchased a module, people were given tips to ensure their items would last until 2087.
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Students give presentaion to Town Council about Time Capsule Project
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Matt Clarke asks Town Council to support the Time Capsule project
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Matt Clarke, Natalie Eves, and Shannon Weeks
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Joe McEwen listens to the student's pitch
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Shawna Ferris and Nancy Belecque drumming up more support
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